In honor of National Fire Prevention Week....Does your family have an escape plan in place?

Fire Prevention Week

Take time this week to detail your family's plan for exiting your home in the event of a fire.  Here are some tips to ensure your family's safety:

1. Prepare a map of your home detailing all windows and doors.

2.  Enter each room and designate two exit points.

3. Make sure all windows and doors open easily and are free of clutter and obstacles.

4. Make sure all living areas have properly working smoke & monoxide detectors.  Replace batteries yearly.

5. Designate an outside meeting place for all family members once they've exited the home.

6. To avoid a family member staying in the home or re-entering to save a family pet, decide how you will get your pets safely out.

7. Practice your fire drill with all family members.

8. Are your house numbers visible from the street?  

9. Do all family members know how to contact the Fire Department?

For more Fire Prevention Tips and family friendly activities, visit the National Fire Prevention Association.

Home Escape Plan Tips for Fire Safety

Draw your families home fire escape plan