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Feb. 10, 2016

Bert's Benefit

One of the best things about living in a smaller, rural community is that when something unfortunate happens to those we care about, the community comes together to help in anyway possible.  The same goes for helping out Hubert Beaver and his family! 


On January 2nd, 2016, Hubert “Bert” was involved in a serious vehicle accident.  The vehicle he was driving collided with a parked semi due to a stroke.  He was immediately in ICU at Mercy Medical Center – North Iowa after emergency brain surgery was done.  His prognosis is still unknown at this time although he is making progress.  His right side has seen the most affects and his memory and speech are sporadic.  The family knows that Bert continues to have a long road ahead of him including speech and physical therapy.  Both Bert and his wife Tammy are natives of Mason City, having lived here all their lives.  Bert worked for Marshall & Swift for 25 years before they were sold and since then he has worked for the Mason City Community School District.  Obviously the medical bills are stacking up and the income is low as they attempt to function on one income.  Tammy & Bert have three daughters: Lindsey, Ali, and Rachel.  They also have one son, Andrew and grandchildren Mason (1 1/2), Harper (2 1/2), and Reece (1).  They are the kind of family that are always ready to help out anyone in need and now we ask you to help them! 

Saturday, February 13th, there will be a variety of fundraisers starting with a Bake Sale & Silent Auction at Willowbrook Mall in Mason City from 10AM-3PM.  Items on the silent auction include Coach purses, a variety of gift baskets, a Pandora bracelet, Hand Held Snow Blower, and over 50 gift certificates.  There will also be a Silpada rep there with all the new spring items and 100% of proceeds go to the family.  Then, at 5PM stop by the Main Event (112 2nd Street SE, Mason City) for more fun and fundraising.  $10 at the door gets you a meal served by the Rib Crib as well as enjoying 2 different live bands.  There will also be a live auction with lots of great items up for bid including:  a Callaway golf driver, a recliner (donated by Mattress Outlet), ½ carat diamond earrings (donated by Riddle’s Jewelry), 2 Air Choice One airline tickets from Mason City to Chicago, 2 Adirondack chairs, a week’s stay vacation with RCI Vacation (donated by Jane Fischer – Century 21), John Deere pedal tractor (donated by Brakke Implement), a one night stay at the Historic Park Inn, 4 Winstock Country Festival weekend tickets, a queen size mattress, and a teeth whitening kit (donated by Burgmeier Dentistry). 


We hope you’ll join us and help us support Bert and Tammy when they need us most.  If you can’t make it, but would like to help out, you can make a donation at their GoFundMe page, HERE

Feb. 9, 2016

Chocolate & Romance

Need something romantic to do for Valentine’s Day and benefit a good cause?  Check out Chocolate & Romance, the annual fundraiser for the North Iowa Humane Society.  On Sunday, February 14th at 2:00 PM visit the National Guard Armory in Mason City to take part in this spectacular event. 

Each year for the past 9 years, the fundraiser has been held to raise funds to help care for the homeless and displaced animals that rely on the North Iowa Humane Society in Mason City.  The event is one of the largest fundraisers that the shelter does each year.  During the event, you can enjoy a fashion show (featuring both humans and doggy fashions), partake in a wine tasting provided by Hy-Vee West Wine & Spirits, and indulge in a chocolate buffet provided by Hy-Vee East featuring a chocolate fountain.  There will also be a silent auction and plenty of shelter animals to visit with and adopt!!

Every year the Humane Society of North Iowa takes care of over 550 animals.  Since they were founded almost 60 years ago, they have found forever homes for over 10,000 animals.  If you’re considering adding a pet to your home, be it cat or dog, we encourage you to visit the Humane Society and consider adopting one of these sweet animals.  They have small and large dogs…young and old and you are guaranteed to find a special addition to your home there. 

The Humane Society of North Iowa is a non-profit organization that serves nine counties here in North Iowa.  They do not receive any state or federal tax dollars or even any funding from any national organization.  They are simply supported through individuals and corporations who make generous donations.  All donations are tax deductible, encouraged, and very appreciated.  You can call the shelter to find out more information on any of this (641-423-6241).  You can also visit their website to check out the pets they have for adoption or how you can volunteer! 


Remember to stop by their Chocolate & Romance event this coming Sunday at 2PM!  You won’t be disappointed.  

Feb. 4, 2016

State Street Deli, Mason City

Have you stopped by the State Street Deli in Mason City?  If you haven't, you don't know what you're missing! Located in the historic Brick & Tile Building near Southbridge Mall and downtown, this deli is a great place to grab a bite to eat! Located on East State Street, it's convenient for those that work in downtown Mason City.  Locally owned by Jon & Pam Nardi, this North Iowa Deli boasts creating Chicago style deli sandwiches, you can't go wrong with.  The Nardi's moved here from the Chicago area after friend their friend had moved to Charles City and got connected with the owner of the Brick & Tile Building, Brian Crane.  Ready to try a new adventure, the Nardi's left Chicago and came here to make their home.  

And the open deli case that greets you at the counter?  You know you're in for a treat!  

There's plenty of space for you to meet your friends, co-workers, or have a business meeting.  The décor is funky Chicago with some history thrown in between.  You can select from salads, hot sandwiches, cold sandwiches, and a variety of sides.  Need a mid-morning pick-up? Stop by and grab a mocha or cappuccino!  

The menu ranges from traditional deli sandwiches like the Reuben, hot roast beef, and a ham & Swiss to their signature creations that are all named after streets in Chicago like the Michigan Ave (turkey, bacon, cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, and chipotle raspberry mayo on peppered toasted sourdough). Gluten free or intolerant?  Don't worry, they do offer a gluten free wrap!  Not a sandwich lover?  Try their chef or Cesar salad.  Finish your meal off with a cookie or cinnamon roll and you'll be full!  


State Street Deli is open Monday through Thursday 9AM-3PM, Friday 9AM-5PM, and Saturday 11AM-3PM!  You can find them their website HERE or follow them on Facebook!  


 Give them a try, I know you won’t be disappointed.  

Feb. 2, 2016

Don't Be Left in the Dark during the Winter

As an impending snowstorm hits Northern Iowa, we thought it was pertinent to share with our readers and followers, some important tips for staying safe and how to survive/stay sane if you lose power in the winter!  

Obviously, the first and foremost important thing to do once power is lost is to make sure all family members and pets are accounted for and safe.  Then, call your power provider to make sure it’s been reported.  Once that has been taken care of follow these helpful steps to stay safe and sane! 

1.        Turn off appliances (except the refrigerator & freezer) to avoid overloading your system once power is restored. 

2.      Unplug electronic equipment that may be affected by power surges or sporadic power.


3.       Leave one light turned on somewhere in the house, so it will be obvious when power is restored.

4.       Select one room on the warmest side of the house to use as a “camp” to wait out the storm. 

5.       Keep curtains and exterior doors closed.

6.       Wear layers of loose-fitting, light weight, warm clothing.  You don’t want to get too warm and sweat, which can cause you to actually feel cold in a situation like this. 

7.       If you use a fuel-burning space heater, make sure to have it on a hard surfaced floor to avoid the risk of fire and make sure to ventilate the area by opening a window a small amount (create a cross-ventilation).  Also, never leave the heater unattended and turn it off when you go to sleep.

8.       If temperatures are below freezing, make sure to open your faucets to a small stream or drip to avoid pipes freezing. 

9.       Close doors to as many rooms as possible.

10.   Don’t use a stove, oven, cook-top, outdoor grill, camping stove, etc to try and create heat.  The risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is too great!

11.   Use a fireplace if you have one, but make sure the flu is open! 

12.   Don’t use candles for lightning as there is a great risk of fire! 

13.   If you have small children, pull out card and board games to make the time go faster and create a “picnic” atmosphere for meals! 


Remember to call 911 or law enforcement if you have any emergencies!  Good luck and stay safe!!

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Feb. 1, 2016

Iowa Caucus

The Iowa Caucuses will be held on February 1, 2016 at 7:00 PM. This is an event where citizens of the state of Iowa will go to their appropriate precincts and decide what candidate they are going to select for the election. Where you will go to caucus will depend on if you are a Republican or Democrat.

A little history lesson, did you know that the original “caucus” started in 1763 in New England? Iowans have been caucusing for decades. Since 1972 the Iowa Caucuses have become a major electoral event, one of the most commented on political events in the world!

So why is caucusing important? We’ve done our research and came up with a few reasons! Iowa is the first state among the Nation that gets to show their support for a presidential candidate. This becomes the first test for the candidates as to how they will perform for the rest of America. Some candidates will bow out of the race if they do poorly at the caucus in Iowa.   

Republican candidates include: Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Carley Fiorina, Jim Gilmore, Mike Huckabee, John Kasich, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, & Donald Trump.

Democratic candidates include: Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley, & Bernie Sanders.

Do you know who you are going to caucus for? Now you just need to know where to caucus at! Look below for a list of the caucus locations according to, the Globe Gazette:


Mason City High School:

Wards 1 through 4, all precincts in each ward; also Mason S/Bath, Lime Creek/Mason South, Falls/Plymouth, Falls Rock Falls.

Clear Lake High School:

Wards 1 through 3, Clear Lake-Grant-Union, Lake-Lincoln.

Swaledale City Hall:

Mount Vernon-Pleasant Valley, Grimes-Meservey, Grimes-Thornton.

Rockwell Community Center:

Portland-Owen-Dougherty, Geneseo.


Clear Lake-Grant Union, Ventura Community Hall

Clear Lake (all wards), Clear Creek Elementary School

Falls-Plymouth, Plymouth Town Hall

Falls-Rock Falls, Rock Falls Community Center

Geneso Township, Rockwell Middle School

Grimes-Meservey, Meservey Library

Grimes-Thornton, Thornton Library

Lake, Lincoln townships, Area Education Agency 267

Lime Creek, Mason townships and Mason South-Bath township, Muse-Norris Conference Center at North Iowa Area Community College

Mason City Ward 1, precincts 1-3, Harding Elementary School

Mason City Ward 2, precincts 1-3, Hoover Elementary School

Mason City Ward 3 and 4, precincts 1-3, Lincoln Intermediate School

Mount Vernon-Pleasant Valley Township, Thornton Community School

Portland-Owen Township, Dougherty Town Hall




Who will you choose? Go get your caucus on! 

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Jan. 29, 2016

Cupid's Undie Run

 Get out your best undies and join the Cupid's Undie Run!  

Cupid's Undie Run is the #1 Donor of the Children's Tumor Foundation, which sole purpose it to research and find a cure for Neurofibromatosis (which is a genetic disorder) where tumors grow along nerves all over your body.  It has the potential to cause someone to be blind, deaf, have learning disabilities, and some tumors have been known to become cancerous.  

Cupid’s Undie Run was originally started in Washington DC by Chad Leather and Bobby Gill.  Chad’s brother had Schwanomatosis (the 3rd and worst form of the disease).  The national Cupid's Undie Run has raised more than $8 million throughout the nation since it began in 2010.  The Mason City chapter alone has contributed over $100,000 in just 2 short years.  Mason City is the smallest city by far to host the event but are neck and neck with some of the largest cities who participate (in terms of fundraising and number of participants!) Last year Mason City raised $60,000 and had 354 runners.  This year the count is currently at 311 runners and nearly $28,000.  They sell out at 400 runners and are hoping to raise $80,000. 

Source: Cupid's Undie Run - Mason City

Mason City will be holding their Cupid’s Undie Run on Saturday February 13th, 2016.  It starts and finishes at Music Man Square.  Doors will be opening at 12Noon, the run itself is at 2PM, and awards will be at 3PM.  At 4PM, the party moves nearby to Mason City Brewing where participants over 21 years of age can join the party!  There are only 89 spots left for this event, so get your registration in now! 


Want to participate?  Register online at  You don’t have to necessarily be a runner if you’re participating and you don’t have to wear your undies if you aren’t comfortable either.  You can wear whatever you choose and are comfortable in!  Hang out by the bar while the running is taking place, if you so choose.  Organizer Loni Dirksen says, “It’s a good time and full of excitement!”  She is always looking for volunteers, so if that’s more your speed, contact her!  You can also donated by going to  

Jan. 27, 2016

Mason City: Affordable Living

We all know that Mason City is a pretty great place to live with the opportunities for jobs, culture, and recreation that we have here, but did you know that Mason City is now one of the most affordable places to live in the nation?

Recently, the Mason City Chamber of Commerce participated in a program named C2ER (Council for Community & Economic Outreach).  This program produces the quarterly Cost of Living index that many corporations and other entities use for financial purposes.  The purpose of this is to compare the cost of living amongst various geographic locations around the nation. 

In 2015, Mason City’s index was 86.8% .  How does that rate compared to other cities and regions?  New York City had an index of 227.4!  What was the lowest index on the study?  78.3 was found in McAllen, TX (McAllen is a city on the very south eastern boarder of Texas along the Mexico border). 

There are several different categories that are “rated” in order to collect this average score, which include the costs of: groceries, housing, utilities, transportation, healthcare, and misc. goods and services.  Where did Mason City rate in those categories?  Our highest rating was in 94.9 in misc. goods and services while our lowest was 69.9 in housing!! 

Not only are we one of the lowest rated cities in the nation (that took part in the study), but also compared to those cities surrounding us like Mankato, Minnesota (94.4), St. Cloud, Minnesota (96.1), and Sioux Falls, South Dakota (102.5). 

So, not only does Mason City have great hospitals, culture (NIACC Performing Arts Series, Music Man Square, Stebens Children Theatre), recreation (bike trails, North Iowa Bulls, YMCA), and a strong agricultural community, we are now one of the most affordable places to live! 


If you’re thinking about relocating to Mason City, staying in Mason City but downsizing, etc stop by our offices for a visit, we’d love to help!  If you’ve thought about leaving Mason City, we strongly encourage you to think again!  You won’t find many places cheaper to live than right here in North Iowa!


Jan. 26, 2016

The Winter Dance Party

The Winter Dance Party

Every year for the last 37 years hundreds of rock and roll fans have walked through the doors of the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake to enjoy “The Winter Dance Party”.  It all began in 1979 when the Surf decided to commemorate the final performance of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper.  The 80’s the event grew so large that they expanded it from one night to a two-day event.  After that the event snowballed into the success that it is today that lasts for 3 days! 

This year the event is being held February 4th through the 6th.  It features  a “Tribute to Joe B Mauldin by all of his Cricket Buddies”, “Ricky Nelson Remembered”, Wanda Jackson, Jason D Williams, The Vee Brothers, Flash Cadillac, Johnny Rogers Band, Holy Rocka Rollaz, Marcha Reeves and the Vandellas, The Coasters, The Tailfins, & Tommy Allsup! 



The event kicks off on Wednesday February 3rd with the Rave on XII Art Exhibit featuring  art depicting scenes from the era of the baby boomers.  There will also be a Poodle Skirt Workshop, a film presentation of “The Real Buddy Holly Story Rockumentary”, Rockin N Boppin Record Show, and the Winter Dance Party Family Sock Hop. 

Thursday you can partake in the Rockin N Boppin Record Show, Dance Lessons, the art exhibit, Cocktails & Canvas, Winter School Dance Party, Wine Glass Painting, and of course the evening concerts.  Friday includes more awesome events and the evening concerts and Saturday closes out the event with the record show, art exhibit, a tour of the Memorial Site, The Buddy Holly Story, Krib Record Hop & 50’ Luncheon, La Bamba, and the evening concerts. 

For full details, fees, and schedule please visit the Surf Ballroom

Jan. 20, 2016

Bowling with the Chamber

Join the Mason City Chamber of Commerce for a fun-filled night of bowling and participate in the 2016 Chamber Bowl.


This year's event is being held February 2-4th at Mystic Lanes in Mason City.  Gather up a team of 6 people and join the Chamber for a night of fun!  There will be a variety of prizes given out including High/Low Series on the team level, High/Low Series on the Male or Female level and Best Dressed Team (so get your creative juices flowing)! Not only will you get a night of fun bowling, but also dinner will be served.  Join them for this annual 9-pint event held every winter!   

Click HERE to download a registration form! 

This year's event is being sponsored by the Mason City Chamber of Commerce, Holiday Inn Express, and Mystic Lanes

Jan. 18, 2016

The Jack

Each year hundreds of spectators gather in Clear Lake…on the lake to watch the The Jack Helgren Memorial Race.  The Jack is a collection of snowmobile drivers who drive both current and vintage snowmobiles on the lake.  There are 4 different classes including snowmobiles dating back to 1973 and older!  Spectators can watch both the old and the new compete for prizes.  This year the event will be held February 12th and 13th


Friday night you can join in the “Cruise Around the Lake” without being a competitor.  Saturday includes  Leman style racing, a Vintage snowmobile show, Kitty Kats (child snowmobiles), and then the main feature of 120 different races.  There will also be a Powder Puff race where you can watch the ladies try their hand at the snowmobiles and an 80+ category in which the drivers age and the sleds age must add up to at least 80! 

To close-up the weekend there will be an awards ceremony and band at the Surf Ballroom at 7PM on Saturday night.  The entire event is open to the public to attend.  To watch all the action go down on the lake, stop by the State Park at 6490 South Shore Drive.  The event on Saturday the 13th at 9AM. 

Events like this can’t occur of course without dedicated sponsors.  There are several this year with the major sponsors being Dean Snyder Construction, Pritchard Family Auto Stores, Interstate Batteries, Kabrick Distribution of Mason City, and the Clear Lake VFW. 


The entire event is put on by the Antique Snowmobilers Club of America, Iowa chapter.  If you, your child, or anyone you know enjoys racing, snowmobiles, or a good time, you need to be sure not to miss “The Jack”!  You can get more information at The Jack Race

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