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7 Solutions to Keep Insects from Infiltrating Your Home

Bugs are sneaky little things. Like other living creatures, they require food, sleep, and shelter.  And if given the opportunity, they are happy to make your home theirs. You might be surprised to discover the many ways they can sneak in and take up residence in your home sweet home. Here are 7 ways to look out for:

1. Brown Paper Bags – If you want to invite cockroaches into your home, just store a pile of paper bags in your kitchen. Whether under the sink, or stored in your pantry, they are a magnet for these disgusting, unwanted house guests.  They love the creases of paper bags where they will hide, eat, and lay eggs. Yuck.  In fact, while you might not see actual bugs, there may already be eggs on the bags that you bring into your home.  So, if you are not going to reuse paper bags right away, let roaches know there are NO VACANCIES in your home and recycle or compost them.

2. Overripe Fruit – First you see one, and you think ugh…there is a fly in the house. Then next thing you know there is a whole swarm of them hovering over your fruit bowl. Fruit flies. Because they can hatch in a mere 24 hours, a small infestation of fruit flies can multiply rapidly. And they LOVE decaying fruit.  They can invade your home via any small opening, so it is important to either store your fruit in the refrigerator or make sure to rid your home of fruit that is starting to rot. How to Store Fruits to Keep Them Fresh

3. Secondhand Furniture – When furnishing your home on a budget, there is nothing better than finding the perfect (and perfectly inexpensive) piece of secondhand furniture. However, you are taking a risk that there may be some uninvited guests moving in with said furniture.  So, before you buy used furniture at a thrift store, or picking something up off the side of the road, inspect it closely for any signs of bugs, eggs, droppings etc. Look inside drawers and underneath the furniture as well. It is not a pleasant task…but well worth it to prevent an infestation in your home.

4. Potted Plants – Surrounding yourself with nature indoors is a positive thing, until you realize you may have a little too much nature hanging out with you. Insects love plants and will hide out on leaves and in the soil.  Spiders, beetles, ants, pill bugs, and centipedes (oh my!) are among just some of the pests that like to hide in or around container plants.  Before bringing them indoors, check your potted plants thoroughly, with particular attention to the undersides of leaves, underneath the container and on the surface of the soil. 7 Natural Ways to Keep Bugs Off Plants

5. Leaky Pipes – Just like other living things, bugs need to stay hydrated. So, dripping water will attract them.  Cockroaches, centipedes, and silverfish are three who love wet spaces and will seek out areas with access to water. If you know you have a leak, get it fixed as soon as possible. And check all areas where there are water sources such as sinks, refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, and toilets to make sure there are no leaks.

6. Grains in the Pantry – When you bring home groceries such as flour, cereal, pasta, and pet food, you may not realize that some nasty little pests have come into your home with them. Pantry moths and their maggot-like larvae LOVE  They reproduce quickly and can chew into cardboard boxes to feed on their contents. The best thing you can do to prevent an infestation is to store grain products in airtight jars or bottles.  You can also keep rice and other grains in the refrigerator or freezer.

7. White Light – A swarm of nighttime insects around your front or back door may be a result of white outdoor lighting. Bugs that fly at night use the moon for navigation, so intense white light draws them. Try using yellow light bulbs instead. Insects do not see yellow the same way humans do and they will pass right by your porch, so you can open your door without risk of letting them invade your home!

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