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Brighten Your North Iowa Home To Beat The Winter Blues!

Winter days in Iowa can start to feel gray and dreary, causing you to feel a little blue. Beat those seasonal blues by making your living space a light and bright oasis!
 Your family will feel happier and cozier throughout the season. And, if you are thinking of selling your home, the brightness will attract buyers to your listing. Brighten up your North Iowa home by following these tips!


  1. Declutter! The first step to lightening up your home is to remove unnecessary clutter. Go beyond small items and consider what furniture you have that might be unnecessary. This will help open up the space and create smooth, clean lines throughout your home.  


  1. White Paint! Nothing will brighten up your home faster and better than a coat of white paint. Repaint the walls and ceilings throughout your home to a nice, bright white. Your home will immediately feel lighter and will give the illusion of more space! 


  1. Add Accents! Since all white can feel a little sterile, you want to add light accent colors throughout your home. Embrace the light grays and light blues of the winter season into your decor to add subtle, soft color in rooms. 


  1. Breezy Linens! The winter days are short so you want to let in as much sunlight during the day as you can. Brighten your home with natural light by adding airy and light colored window treatments.  Keep the sun shining bright throughout the home with light, airy curtains. And, since you want to stay warm and cozy inside your home, add white pillows and linens throughout the living space. 


  1. Reflection! Mirrors and/or mirrored decor are a great way to brighten up your home because they reflect the light! In addition, they help to open up the space. Just make sure you keep it tasteful as you don’t want your home to look like a hall of mirrors!


If you are looking to Sell  your light and bright North Iowa home,  Contact Jane Fischer & Associates today by calling 641-424-HOME (4663) or visiting!

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