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Category: Buyer Resources

    Working from Home in North Iowa

    By Admin | January 28, 2022

    Once upon a time, where we lived was determined by the location in which one procured a job. For many undergraduate students, the pressure seemed to mount during their final semester of college. Choices must be made, and often sacrifices, in order to get out into the working world and secure your future.  Back then... Read More

    Ease of Healthcare Access in North Iowa

    By Admin | September 7, 2021

    by: Rachel Smith Wumkes Moving to a new state, or even just a new city, can be stressful.  There are so many questions to be answered, so many uncertainties and unknowns as you navigate through every aspect of choosing a new place to live.  Because believe it or not… it’s not just about finding the... Read More

    How to Be a Competitive Buyer in Today’s Housing Market

    By Jane Fischer | June 1, 2021

    North Iowa home buyers, learn how to become a compeitive buyer in today's housing market. Read More

    How to Make a Winning Offer on Your North Iowa Home

    By Jane Fischer | May 25, 2021

    An experienced realtor can help you to make a confident and competitive offer on your North Iowa dream home. Read More

    Why Iowa is Top of the List for Retirement States!

    By Jane Fischer | March 11, 2021

    Why Iowa is Top of the List for Retirement States! Read More

    What I Like Best About Mason City Iowa

    By Jane Fischer | February 24, 2021

    In 2018, U.S. News and World Report named Iowa the #1 state in the country. Mason City is the largest city in Northern Central Iowa and is the crown jewel of the area. What is it that makes Mason City IA so desirable?  Located in the heart of the Midwest, Mason City IA offers award-winning... Read More

    What NOT To Do When Applying for a Mortgage in Mason City IA

    By Jane Fischer | February 10, 2021

      Congratulations on your decision to buy a home! The first step in the home buying process is getting a pre-approval and applying for a mortgage. You have been diligently saving money for your down payment and gotten your credit in order. Your loan officer has said you are in good shape to be approved... Read More

    What’s Title Insurance and Do I Need to Buy It?

    By Jane Fischer | February 1, 2021

    If there is a loan involved when you go to settlement on your new home, there will be an inch thick pile of paperwork for you to sign. One of these documents is for title insurance and you will be asked if you want to purchase it. You are probably familiar with home owner’s insurance,... Read More

    How to Survive Buying and Selling a House at the Same Time

    By Jane Fischer | January 27, 2021

    When you want to buy a new home and sell your old one at the same time, success can come down to timing and a little luck. In a perfect world, you could have a buyer agree to purchase your house the minute you buy your next home. Odds are, you will end up with... Read More

    Is Buying a Fixer-Upper For You?

    By Jane Fischer | January 20, 2021

    If you are like most Americans, you have become addicted to Joanna & Chip Gaines’ “Fixer-Upper” show. While the show does make renovating a fixer-upper look like fun, there are a lot of things to consider before jumping in with both feet. One of the most important decisions is are you buying a fixer-upper to... Read More