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  • Don’t go it alone! Why North Iowa Home Sellers Should Always Work With An Agent

Don’t go it alone! Why North Iowa Home Sellers Should Always Work With An Agent

Are you looking to sell your North Iowa home? Thinking of going it alone (ie For Sale By Owner)? Allow us to take a minute to show you why working with an Experienced Real Estate Agent is in your best interest when selling your home in today’s real estate market.

  • After this recent nationwide health crisis, safety is a top priority for sellers and buyers alike. It is more difficult to get potential buyers to safely view your home if you are trying to sell on your own. A professional realtor will follow national guidelines set forth for limiting the number of people in the home at a given time as well as utilizing proper sanitation techniques in between showings. In addition, a realtor is equipped to host virtual tours of the home that can be effective in garnering buyer interest.
  • In today’s real estate market, few things are as important in attracting buyers as effectively marketing your home online. A recent study by the National Association of Realtors revealed that 44% of buyers begin their initial home search online. As their search continued, that number increased to 93%! A professional realtor will already have an online presence and a strong digital marketing strategy to help your home stand out from the others online.
  • Selling your home requires negotiations with many parties beyond just the buyer. These can include the buyer’s agent, inspectors, and appraisers. A real estate professional is trained in negotiations with all of these different parties and will help ensure that your interests are always top priority throughout each transaction.
  • You don’t want to waste your time with a buyer that cannot actually afford your home. If you are selling your home on your own, you will have a difficult time finding out any information about the buyer’s financial qualifications. A realtor knows what questions to ask of the buyer and will work closely with the lenders to make sure the deal is properly closed.
  • There are several regulations and documentation requirements that are necessary during a real estate transaction. In order to properly protect yourself from any potential legal issues that could arise from the mishandling of such proceedings, it is in your interest to work with a real estate agent that will make sure to dot every I and cross every T.
  • Although you might think that you will get more money from the sale of your home by listing on your own and avoiding the real estate commission, the opposite effect is usually the case. A study by Collateral Analytics found that sellers do not actually save money when a realtor is not used and may actually lose money. Their data showed that sale prices for homes listed by agents garner 6% more than FSBO listings.

Don’t go it alone! Work with a professional real estate agent that has the expertise and resources to help you sell your home for a higher price and less stress on your end. Jane Fischer & Associates is here to help you sell your North Iowa home! Give our experienced team a call today at 641-424-HOME (4663)!

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