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Eliminate Stress For Your Furry Friend This Independence Day!

4th of July is right around the corner. That means the night sky is about to be filled with beautiful lights and loud noises from the Fireworks Displays. Although we all love fireworks, they can cause a lot of stress for our furry friends! Your beloved pet has a 120-decibal pain tolerance. Most of the loud noises they hear, such as construction or sirens, are annoying for them but usually fall below this level. Fireworks, however, are in the 170-decibel range! This means that your pet will be under a lot of stress next week during the displays. Help keep your pet happy and safe by following these tips! 


  1. KEEP YOUR PET AT HOME. Do not bring them with you to the display. 
  2. Find an interior room of your home that is quieter and blocked off from most exterior noise. 
  3. Play some everyday background noise on your television or radio to block out some of the loud noise outside.
  4. Have at least one person stay at home with your pet, especially if they are a recent addition to the family! 
  5. Make sure that the room they are kept in during the fireworks does not have an easy escape route. Many pets will try to flee from the stress of the noise.
  6. Make sure that your dog has identification tags and/or is microchipped in the case that they do escape your home during the fireworks.
  7. Clean up all debris if you have fireworks at your home. Pets are curious and might try to chew on these toxic and dangerous materials. 
  8. Be quiet and calm when you get home on the 4th so as not to stress out your pet further. 

Jane Fischer & Associates Team wishes you and your beloved pet a happy & safe Independence Day! Follow Us On Facebook for more great home and pet owner tips throughout the year!

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