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Find The Perfect Home for Your Whole Family!!

If you are a Home Buyer with children, there are several characteristics that you need to be on the lookout for when searching for your dream home. These characteristics make sure that the home is a perfect fit not just for you but for your little ones as well. Some are obvious, such as room for your family to grow, safety and security, or being located within a good school district. But, what are the other characteristics you should focus on when searching for the perfect North Iowa for every member of your family?


  1. Open Concept: Focus on homes that have the kitchen, dining, and family rooms open. This allows you to keep your little ones within your view no matter what you are doing in your home. It also becomes the perfect area for family gatherings throughout the year. 
  2. Bedroom Placement: After making sure that there are enough bedrooms for everyone in your family, you want to make sure that they are placed within the home in a layout that you prefer. If your kids are still young, you might want all the bedrooms on the same floor so you can hear them. If they are older, you might prefer some privacy by having the master bedroom on the first floor instead. 
  3. Unsafe Items: Children are curious and more likely to burn themselves on hot items. Check to see if the home has radiators and/or fireplaces that could be unsafe for children. If it does, take the necessary precautions to keep curious hands and bodies away. 
  4. Clear Sightlines: Not only do you want a good view within the home with an open floor plan, you also want to be able to see your backyard from inside of your home. This allows you to stay inside while still keeping an eye on your child playing. 
  5. Flat Lot: Look for a yard that is flat to keep your children safe while playing. A yard that is too steep can be dangerous and difficult to play on. 
  6. Good Neighbors: Scope out the neighbors during your home searches to keep your children safe and, hopefully, provide them with great friends to play with.
  7. Easy To Walk: Find a neighborhood that is safe and convenient for walking. Look for ones that have sidewalks to keep your children off of potentially dangerous roads. Choose a home that is in a neighborhood within walking distance to schools, parks, stores, and restaurants for the convenience of you and your children. 

If you are ready to find the perfect home for you, your spouse, and your children, give Jane Fischer & Associates a call at (641) 424-4663 today! Check out our Current North Iowa Homes for Sale to get started!

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