Find The Perfect Mason City Neighborhood To Call Home!

    There are many factors to consider when choosing a new home to buy: architectural design, features & amenities, square footage, et cetera. Although the house is the inevitably the main focus of your search, you need to look beyond the home itself and onto the neighborhood around it. In fact, in many ways, the neighborhood is just as important to consider!


    Mason City is filled with numerous amazing neighborhoods for home buyers to choose from! But, how do you know which one is right for you?! Consider these 5 factors when choosing your perfect Mason City neighborhood!


    1. Property Taxes

    Along with your mortgage, you will need to pay for your property taxes every month. Be sure to keep the home’s taxes in consideration as you determine whether or not you can afford the home. The property taxes for a specific home can be found in the listing information. 

    1. Property Value

    Check out the comparable sales within the neighborhood to determine home values for the area. Not only is the home value important for your current needs but also for any future plans you might have to sell. 

    1. Safety & Crime

    The safety of you and your family is always of the utmost importance. Although us residents of North Iowa enjoy life in a low crime rate area, it is still important to research the safety of particular neighborhoods. Use third-party websites such as City-Data and CrimeReports™ for thorough, unbiased data. Be sure to look at the immediate neighborhood the home is located in as well as those neighborhoods surrounding it.

    1. Geography & Topography

    Decide what kind of natural setting you would prefer in your neighborhood. Do you the love the rolling, open fields that everyone envisions in Iowa? Do you prefer a more wooded area or one close to a body of water? Determine what outdoor features are a priority for you. 

    1. School Zones

    If you have or are planning on having kids, local schools will always be one of the top neighborhood features you consider. However, it should be a priority for ALL home buyers, whether they have kids or not, since strong schools increase property values. Proximity to community centers and parks can boost your home’s worth as well. 


    Want to learn more about a particular Mason City neighborhood? Interested in Buying  a home? Give Jane Fischer & Associates a call today at 641-424-HOME (4663) or visit our Website to get started!

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