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Get Your North Iowa Home Ready For Trick Or Treaters!

Halloween is quickly approaching! Throughout North Iowa, that means front porches will soon be filled with ghouls and ghosts, princesses and supermen looking for some sweet treats! Keep your yard and your front porch safe for all Halloween visitors by following these simple tips to get ready for this year’s trick or treaters! 

  1. Keep Walkways Clear!  Be sure to clear all stones, sticks, toys, and more from your walkway before the start of trick or treating. This will instantly make your home safer for your guests.
  2. Do A Railing Inspection! Make sure none of your railings feel loose. You do not want anyone to lean up against an unsteady railing and fall off of your porch. 
  3. Check The Yard! Even if you have a walkway, many trick or treaters will likely cut across your yard throughout the course of the evening. Keep your grass clear of any potential tripping hazards, such as sticks or yard equipment.
  4. Make It Bright! Be sure to have your walkways and front porch well lit for the trick or treaters. Turn exterior lights on so they can easily see the path to your door. 
  5. Be Secure! Halloween is known as a night of mischief. Although few bad things happen during the evening, keep the doors, windows, and garage locked for the evening. This will keep your home safe and secure as you are distracted with treating your little guests at the front of your home. 
  6. Remove Your Pets! A Find a secure and separate spot for your pets during the trick or treating hours. This avoids them escaping while the door is continuously opening and closing. It will keep the trick or treaters and your pets safest for the evening.
  7. Avoid Candles! The light from a candle might add the right ambiance to your decor but it can also present a potential fire hazard. It is best to not have any flames around when children will be coming and going from your home. 
  8. Choose A Safe Spot! Although your front porch might be the most convenient and comfortable spot for you to hand out candy, consider a different location if there are potential hazards to get to your door, such as a winding path or tall stairs.  
  9. Pick Great Candy!  Nut allergies are common among children. Allow all children to have a great Halloween by handing out candy that can be enjoyed by all. You could also consider having some non-food items on hand for trick or treaters with other dietary restrictions. 

We wish everyone a very happy and safe night of trick or treating! If you are looking for more Home Owners tips or need help Buying or Selling your North Iowa home, work with the Top Realtor Mason City IA! Give our experienced Team a call today at 641-424-4663 or visit our website at

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