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Help Santa (And Others!) Find Your New Home!

Before you close the door on your old home and start living in your beautiful new North Iowa home, you need to let everyone know of your change of address! This might seem like an obvious step in the process but in the hustle and bustle of moving, it is one that is often forgotten about! Ensure a smooth transition into your new home by changing your address at least 1 WEEK before you move. Follow this handy list to make sure you let everyone know about your new address! 

Post Office: Starting off with the easiest one: head to the USPS Website to submit your official change of address.

Employer: Your human resources department needs to be informed of your address change in order to update information for your payroll and benefits. 

Insurance Providers: You need to let all insurance providers, including car, dental, health, home, and life, know of your change of address in order to file any claims in the future. 

Utilities: You don’t want to end up paying double utilities by not transferring services over to your new home. Let your cable, electric, gas, and internet providers know before you move so you can set up service for the first day you live in your new home. 

Financial Institutions: Your bank and credit card providers often send you mail that contains sensitive information. Avoid any fraud by updating your address with them, even if you do the majority of your banking online. 

Cellphone Provider: Cellphone providers tax your bill based on your primary residence so you need to let them know of any billing address changes when you move. 

DMV: Head over to the Iowa DOT Website to update your driver’s license and vehicle registration/title information with your new address.

Voter Registration: Update your address for voter registration so you can do your civic duty and participate in all upcoming elections.

IRS: Make sure you get your tax refund on time by changing your address through the  IRS Website as soon as you move. 

Government Agencies: If you receive any government aid through agencies like Medicaid, Medicare, or Social Security Administration, be sure to let them know of your change of address to keep your benefits active. 

Healthcare Providers: Stay up to date with all medical and dental bills by making sure your providers know to send mail to your new address. 

Online Retailers: Update your shipping address with retailers you often order from online so future packages make it to your new doorstep correctly. 

Newspaper and Magazine Subscriptions: Never miss out on current events by letting any newspaper and magazine subscriptions know when you move. 

Loved Ones: Keep your friends and family informed of your new address so they can find you for all the fun gatherings you will host at your new home! 


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