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Helpful Tips For Entering The Spring Housing Market!

Whether you are looking to buy or sell your Mason City IA  home during the spring, there are a couple of things you should do to prepare so you are ready to enter the market. Follow these top Home Buyers Tips and top Home Sellers Tips to enjoy success in the busy spring housing market!


Buyers Tips

1. Be open to different options. It is important to really consider your Wants Vs. Needs Checklist when going into the home buying process. Stay firm with your non-negotiables but be flexible with other aspects of the home. This will open you up to more potential properties and might help you discover features/amenities that you weren’t even considering.

2. Stick to your budget. It is very important to be realistic with your budget and to always stay within the confines of it. Take a look at your finances and determine a monthly amount that you feel truly comfortable with. This will help you when you speak to a lender to know whether or not the mortgage terms really fit within your budget. 

3. Don’t wait on financing. Ideally, you should start meeting with lenders 4-6 months before you want to buy. This will increase your chances that you can make a competitive offer when you find the perfect home for you. Start by using our helpful Loan Tools.

4. Work with an experienced agent that is a skilled negotiator. This will give you a cutting edge with the competition as they can win bidding wars and will keep your interests top priority.

5. Keep constant communication with your agent. Talk to your agent about your preferred method of communication, whether phone or email. Make sure to stay in touch consistently so you do not miss out on your dream home. 


Sellers Tips

1. Start early. There is prep that goes into selling your home. As soon as you start to consider listing your property, you should start prepping for the sale. This will give you enough time to truly have it ready for sale. Find Out Your Home’s Value to get started today!

2. Work with an experienced agent instead of listing on your own. Homes sell quicker and for a higher value when listed with a realtor. 

3. Think about your online listing. Use professional looking photos and videos to make your home stand out from the competition online.

4. Make necessary home improvements. It can pay off to put money into the home before listing. It can increase your home’s value and make it more appealing to buyers. 

5. Keep trying. Do not get discouraged if your home doesn’t sell immediately. Continue to work with your realtor to make adjustments to your selling strategy as needed.


If you are ready to enter the housing market this spring season, work with the Top Realtor Mason City IA! We can help you find the perfect property to fit your needs within the North Iowa Homes for Sale  and/or help sell your home for top dollar! Give our experienced team a call today at 641-424-4663 or visit our website at


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