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How To Get Your North Iowa Home Ready For Thanksgiving Guests!

Thanksgiving is two weeks away! Although that might still seem a ways off, it will be here before you know it! If you are hosting family and friends for the holiday feast, you should start prepping your North Iowa home now! This will help eliminate stress as the big day draws nearer. Here are some great tips to follow so you and your guests can have a fun, comfortable, and carefree Thanksgiving!


  1. Remove Clutter! You are going to need ample space for all of your guests and their stuff. Declutter throughout your home and gather any items that won’t be needed around and during Thanksgiving. Put these items into a storage space. Take items off of counters and tabletops. Once all the holidays are over, you can bring the stored items back out.
  2. Create A Welcoming Entrance! Have your guests feel right at home as soon as they walk through the front door. Make sure there is plenty of storage space in the front hall to store guests outdoor gear. Add a seat so shoes can be easily removed. Since your floors will see more foot traffic than usual, add a beautiful rug to protect the floor. Some tasteful seasonal decorations can create a great first impression.
  3. Make It Bright! With it getting darker outside earlier, you want to make sure that your guests can safely make their way to and from your front door. Make sure all your exterior lighting is working properly before their arrival. Inside your home, add nightlights in bathrooms, bedrooms, and hallways. Although you know how to navigate your home with your eyes closed, your guests could use some assistance at night to safely find their way.
  4. Stock Your Bathrooms! Make sure you have plenty of clean towels for your guests upon arrival. Stock up on lots of toilet paper so you don’t run out during their visits. It is also a nice touch to have extra toiletries for guests in case someone forgot to pack something. Add storage spaces, such as baskets on open shelves, so everything is easily accessible during their stay.
  5. Prep Your Kitchen! All of the action on Thanksgiving will be in your kitchen. Make sure it is ready to go before the big day. Declutter countertops so you have enough space to prep and work. Gather all the tools that you will need to use and place them some place easily accessible. Add seating throughout the kitchen so guests can keep you and the other “chefs” company. When the guests arrive, create a coffee nook in a common room by moving your coffee machine in there.
  6. Make It Cozy! Provide lots of pillows and blankets for your guests so they will have a comfortable sleep throughout their stay. Since everyone likes different sleeping temperatures, add a fan to your guest bedroom so that they can personally adjust the temperature if needed.


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