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Is Clear Lake Iowa a Good Place to Live?

By: Rachel Smith Wumkes

Life often presents itself with a plethora of choices; where to eat, where to shop, what show to binge-watch next.  The average human makes a whopping 35,000 choices each day.  Most of them are so mundane you may not even realize it is happening, yet there are a few that could be life-altering. 

One of the biggest choices of all is choosing where to live.  Where to settle down and take the important step in life of purchasing a home. 

Because, honestly, what is home?  Is it simply the structure to hold all your possessions, or is it something more?

To many, home is so much more than a place, more than a bunch of walls and carpet and windows.  It’s a feeling. A safe refuge from the outside world.

It’s where you go after a long day at the office.  Where you tuck your babies in at night. 

Where the story of your life is written. 

So yes, that decision, while it may be one of many for the day, takes a bit more time and energy to ensure you make the right one. 

That is where Jane Fischer & Associates come in.  Their team of licensed real estate agents are here to help you purchase a home best suited for you, to fit your needs and fulfill your every dream.  They specialize in making those dreams a reality and will do everything in their power to find the perfect place to put down roots and begin making memories.

And what better place than Clear Lake, Iowa!  This mid-sized community packs a double whammy, giving residents that small town appeal of simplicity while offering an abundance of culture, activities, and amenities similar to a big city. 

Located along Interstate-35, this tourist community is nestled around a 3,600-acre, natural spring fed lake.  While it is the focal point of action in the summer and often bustling with boats, kayaks and swimmers at the beach, the fun doesn’t stop when the temperatures drop. 

Clear Lake offers a variety of signature events throughout the entire year, guaranteed to keep your social calendar filled.  A highlight of the winter is the Color the Wind festival, which takes place right out on the ice.  Vibrant colors fill the sky as kiters maneuver the large masterpieces above the crowds.  It’s a breathtaking view amongst a day filled with food, fellowship and fun. 

Of course, in the summer, you won’t be hard-pressed to find something to do.  Between Thursdays on Main, concerts at the Surf, live music at local bars, a blow-out 4th of July Extravaganza, and countless weekly activities, there’s literally something for everyone in Clear Lake.

The social component, however, is just one of the many highlights of this community.  Their school system is second to none, boasting record enrollment numbers and cutting-edge technology to ensure students have the best possible education before heading out into the World.  With the new Wellness Center slated to be finished at the close of 2021, they will move into the new year with state-of-the-art gym facilities for both the school and public use. 

But that’s not all. 

Accessibility to the “outside world” is a key component for young people moving to North Iowa.  The simplicity of travel is important.  Luckily, living in Clear Lake, you are in the middle of everywhere.  While major airports are only a 2-hour drive North (Minneapolis) or South (Des Moines), the Mason City Airport is only a few short miles away and can connect you to Chicago in less than an hour.  With no parking fees and easy navigation through the smaller airport, you will save valuable travel time.

In reality, though, you won’t need to whisk yourself away on a lavish vacation, because living in Clear Lake is like living in paradise.  Each evening is a new opportunity to watch a new masterpiece as the sun sets across the lake.  The vivid colors swirling together across the still water creates a picture that cannot be duplicated.  The many restaurants open their patio seating in the summer months, so you enjoy a cocktail on the rooftop overlooking the lake, or while listening to live music at the Tiki Bar. 

The Clear Lake Arts Center will ignite your creativity, whether you simply stroll through the exhibits, or participate in one of their many classes.  The wine cellar at K&B Emporium will spur your tastebuds into a frenzy as you sample fine wines and enjoy charcuterie.  Walk through Central Gardens and you will catapult into a realm of wonder and delight as you take in all the beauty of nature and new life.

The restaurant scene is second to none, and the night life is hopping with live music and seasonal drink specials.  Whether you’re looking to grab a quick bite or an intimate date night, there are a slew of eateries ready and willing to dazzle you with their culinary delights and exceptional service. 

All in all, the opportunities to achieve happiness are endless in Clear Lake.  The next chapter of your story is a blank page, ready to be filled.  Let Jane and her team find you the perfect place to call home and begin making memories to last a lifetime. 

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