Look Out For These Warning Signs When Buying!

    A home can hold many secrets. It might look absolutely perfect at first glance but have serious underlying issues under its beautiful design features. Since Buying a home is a major investment, you need to make sure the home is in tip top shape. Become a smart home buyer by learning to look out for key warning signs as you search homes in North Iowa! Look for these problem areas to ensure that the home you fall in love with is as picture perfect as it seems!


    Electric – Check for hot outlets, exposed wires, burn markings, and any other indicators that the electrical system could be faulty. A faulty electric system poses a fire hazard to your home. 

    Plumbing – Make sure there are no leaks, water stains, low water pressure, or drainage problems. Plumbing issues can be costly and extremely damaging. 

    Mildew/Mold – Put your nose to work to find any musty smells and be on the look out for rotted wood and/or peeling paint. The presence of mold within the home can pose a serious health risk to your family. 

    Pest – Look for damaged wood that could indicate the presence of termites or carpenter ants, as well as any openings around the home that could be entry points for small animals. You don’t want any new “roommates” in your home.

    Foundation – Walk through the home to check for crooked floors and doorways. When outside, look for cracked driveways and walls. Check for trees that are planted to close to the home. Any of these could be indications of foundational issues, which can be one of the most expensive repairs for a homeowner to make. 

    Roofing – Turn your eyes up towards the roof to check for missing and/or mismatched shingles and any other signs of wear and tear. You want the roof to be in good shape to avoid moisture, animals, and more from entering your home. 

    Quality of Work – Check the workmanship on repairs and renovations that have been done throughout the home. Although it might look well done, the use of cheap materials or errors in workmanship could lead you to have to pay for fixing these areas i in the future. 


    Search North Iowa Homes For Sale to find the perfect home free of these warning signs! Give Jane Fischer & Associates a call at 641-424-HOME (4663) and visit our Website to find your dream home today!

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