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Make A Great First Impression With Your Front Porch!

Create an incredible first impression of your North Iowa with your front porch! A cozy, welcoming spot right outside of your front door is the perfect spot to relax with family and friends outside and attract potential buyers to your home! Start by tidying up the space. Give it a good dusting and sweep so you have a clean slate. Then, follow these great design tips for a beautiful front porch! 


Lead Houseguests Up To The Porch: You can create a great atmosphere for your front porch with the landscaping in your yard. Colorful plants can focus the eye from the street towards you front porch. And, as an added bonus, you will enjoy a beautiful view when you sit on the porch. 

Add Plants On The Porch: Find an appropriately sized pot to house some greenery on the porch to add a lush feel. Choose a plant that will survive throughout the seasons. For added color, place seasonal flowers in window boxes along your porch’s railings or in a vase.

Create A Spot To Gather: The front porch can be a wonderful spot for some afternoon conversations with friends and family. Place two chairs close together with a small coffee table or side table to place drinks and other personal items, such as a book on. For the perfect touch, consider installing a hanging bench for some leisurely swinging.

Replace Your Doormat: A doormat is essential for guests to wipe off their feet before entering your home. It also is a great design feature. It can help tie your design elements together and will welcome guests through the front door. 

Make It Breezy: The summer’s in Iowa can get hot and muggy. Placing fade-resistant outdoor curtains around the porch can help block the sun and add privacy while you sit on the porch. When you aren’t using them, you can always pull them back so everyone can see your lovely porch. Another option to keep it cool, as well as fight off pesky bugs, install a ceiling fan or place a pleasing tabletop fan near the chairs for a nice breeze.

Consider Your Color Palette: You want the front porch to serve as the perfect compliment to the rest of your home. Coordinate the colors of all your design elements (i.e. door mat, seat cushions and pillows, and curtains) with the color of your front door or the trimming of your home so everything is complimentary.

Keep It Bright: Lighting is very important on your front porch. It ensures that people can easily find your home no matter the time of day as well as allows you to use the space whenever. Use warm lighting for a great welcoming atmosphere.


For other curb appeal ideas and Selling tips, Jane Fischer & Associates is here to help! Give us a call today at (641) 424-4663 or visit at for all your selling needs!

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