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Mason City Chamber Earns Prestigious Award

Chamber of Commerce organizations work in a variety of ways to support local businesses, helping them grow and thrive in every economic atmosphere.  Some work is done behind the scenes, unbeknownst to the public, and some is out in the spotlight, front and center for all the community to see. 

For over a hundred years, the Mason City Chamber of Commerce has been a pillar of support for its many members.  With currently more than 650 listed, they work diligently to ensure success for each of them. 

Which is no simple task. 

The value of chambers across the country rose during the pandemic.  They played a crucial role in communication and support during an unprecedented time in history. 

In Mason City, the chamber staff went above and beyond.  “In those early days after everything shut down, we split up the membership and called each and every one of them,” recalled Chamber President and CEO, Robin Anderson.  “A few months later we called them all again,” she went on.  

The team kept their finger on the pulse of their membership, and the community, with frequent check-ins.  This helped them determine what information to pass along and to whom.  It streamlined their communications, focusing on what each member needed instead of bombarding them with information. 

“And we were always here,” Robin added.  “We made sure there was always someone available to answer the phone in case our members needed us.” 

This type of dedication filters through to every aspect of the Mason City Chamber organization.  They’ve surrounded themselves with a team of top-notch officials from the area to serve on their Executive Committee and Board.  These individuals are community members who give up their time and talent willingly to provide input and expertise to ensure success within the Chamber of Commerce. 

But supporting their members is just one piece of the Chamber puzzle. 

Rounding out the full picture, the Mason City Chamber of Commerce hosts a slew of valuable programs and events throughout the year.  Each unique in their own way, these events bring business leaders from around the region together to network – and have a little fun! 

A favorite event each year is the annual Chamber Cup.  This is an adult field day for groups of 4 designed as a teambuilding competition.  This year’s event is scheduled for September 15th and is sure to be a day filled with “athletic” excitement.  If running through the streets in high heels seems a bit much, maybe the Chamber golf outing is more your style.  Don’t have many golfers at your place of business?  Never fear, the Chamber Bowl held in February might be right up your alley!

Whichever event you choose, one thing is for sure – the Mason City Chamber knows how to host all the fun events for their members.

The annual meeting, held in October, is another highlight each year.  It is the chance to showcase the organization’s many accomplishments, as well as award businesses for their outstanding achievements throughout the year. 

As if that’s not enough, the Mason City Chamber is also involved in the North Iowa Band Festival, Ag Breakfast, the Moonlight Bike Ride, Operation Thank You, and the State of North Iowa.

Keeping their finger on the pulse of the community to better serve their many members is the driving force behind everything they do. 

And their efforts have not gone unnoticed. 

In fact, the Mason City Chamber of Commerce was recently named 2022 Chamber of the Year in Category 1 (based on size) by the Association of Commerce Executives (ACCE).  Their focus on workforce attraction and retention throughout North Iowa was a big emphasis within their application, showcasing diversity as well as being a driving force for economic prosperity in the community. 

“We completed the initial survey and were then invited to apply,” Robin stated.  They soon found out they had made it to the final three along with North Tampa Bay in Florida and Zionsville, Indiana.  The Chamber had been a finalist the year before and knew going in that being a back-to-back finalist was a tall order. 

To participate, Chambers are required to meet minimum thresholds in key performance areas such as financial strength, financial controls and membership retention.  Being asked to apply alone is an incredible honor, so to be chosen for Chamber of the Year is a big deal in the chamber world!

This award is the most prestigious and competitive recognition present by ACCE.  It not only recognizes the leadership role chambers have in the community but focuses on organizations with impeccable organizational strength.  The Mason City Chamber has had such a profound impact on the community by placing their focus on workforce attraction and retention in North Iowa. 

But it’s not just about the Chamber celebrating this accolade for Robin Anderson.

“We wouldn’t be the organization we are without our incredible leadership team,” she said.  “Our Executive Committee and Board is filled with General Managers, Presidents, and leaders of some very impressive businesses.” 

In fact, she plans to share in the celebration by utilizing a “traveling trophy.”  Each member of the Executive Committee and Board will have the opportunity to display the award at their place of business.  Making it a true community celebration. 

We are excited for our turn to display the award at Jane Fischer & Associates. 

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home in North Iowa, our firm isn’t just here to fill your need and disappear into the night.  We truly believe in making all North Iowa a better place for everyone.  Jane currently serves at the Board Chairperson on the Executive Committee for the Mason City Chamber.  A role she has filled with pride. 

Pride in her business.  Pride in her commitment.

Pride in the community.

Mayor Schickel & partners from the City of Mason City recognizing the Chamber’s achievement

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