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Photography Tips To Attract Buyers To Your Online Listing!

The very first impression home buyers will get of your home is almost always online. While they scroll through listings, you want to make sure that your home pops out from the others on the screen. The best way to do that is with high quality photographs. Create a buzz for your North Iowa home amongst buyers with professional looking images by following these photography tips!


1. Avoid blurry and crooked photos. Both of these issues are distracting and off putting for the viewer. You only want to use clear and straight photos. To avoid camera shake, use a tripod to keep your photo steady.

2. Use a DSLR. Despite the better cameras built into smartphones, the best images are still captured on a DSLR camera.

3. Make sure there is lots of light. The most important element for photography is light. Let natural light through the windows, turn on all lights, and use the camera’s flash when shooting indoors. Use the sun as your light source when shooting outdoors. Eliminate shadows by making sure to shoot the images when the sun is directly facing your home.

4. Shoot with a deep depth of field. everything in the background, middle, and foreground of the image should be in focus. This allows buyers to get the best sense of your home’s space. Male sure photos of your home’s exterior always includes part of the yard in the foreground.

5. Use a wide-angle lens. This will allow you to create a sense of space within your home.

6. Frame your images well. The best images are created based on your positioning as the photographer. Always include 3 walls within the image to add balance to the photo and convey the room’s space. Avoid standing behind furniture that can make the space appear small and crowded.

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