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Protect Your Investment With A Home Inspection

Since buying a home is a major investment, you want to make sure you are getting exactly what you are paying for and avoid any hidden surprises. This is why the home inspection is so important. The inspection protects you by uncovering any undisclosed and/or unknown issues with the home. This puts power back into your hands as the buyer to renegotiate the deal or walk away from the home. Here are the most important things to note for your North Iowa home inspection.

Most importantly, you want to work with the very best home inspector possible. It is important to find someone that is thorough and knowledgeable. Contact Jane Fischer & Associates to find out our recommendations for the best home inspectors in the North Iowa area. Conduct interviews with all potential inspectors to find out about their training, experience, and areas of expertise. Ask to see past inspection reports they have written to see how detail-oriented they are and what sort of recommendations they offer.

The home inspector will check every structural element of the home and all its systems. While we are social distancing, it might not be possible for you to be at the home inspection. Make sure the inspector records/photographs any and all issues so that afterwards you are able to see the home’s problems and discuss potential solutions and costs. Be sure to ask the inspector a multitude of questions and find out what else you should watch out for should you decide to buy the home.

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