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Set New Year’s Resolutions For Your North Iowa Home!

The start of a new year is all about setting new goals. While this month is not only a great time for some personal self improvement, it is also an excellent chance to get your home in its very best shape! Start 2020 off right by setting these New Year’s resolutions for your North Iowa home!


  1. Stick to a budget. Your very first step towards achieving your resolutions should be to set a budget for all home improvement tasks you want to tackle throughout the year. This will help you prioritize the tasks you want to complete and keep you from overspending. Be sure to factor in some contingency finances for those unexpected home maintenance needs that might pop up!
  2. Declutter. Start the year off fresh by getting rid of items you do not need. Keep only those things that you use or have deep sentimental value. Your home will feel cleaner and you will feel less stress by cutting out the excess.
  3. Be eco-friendly. Save money on your energy bills and help protect our environment by cutting back on your electricity and water usage. Seal and insulate ductwork to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Install high efficiency toilets and low flow showerheads to cut back on water waste.
  4. Keep the air clean. Improve the health of your family through your home’s air quality. Add air cleaners throughout the home to remove pollutants. Replace your furnace’s air filters with high quality ones and mark your calendar for when they need to be changed out. Ensure that humidity is properly ventilated out of your bathrooms.
  5. Use hassle free materials. Lower your upkeep throughout the year by utilizing maintenance free materials. Invest in fiber cement siding that is fire, rot, dent, and insect resistant as well as weatherproof! Switch to ceramic tiles inside your home that are moisture resistant and withstand everything. 
  6. Tackle multiple resolutions at once. While home maintenance chores can seem like a bore, you can make them more fun by working on other resolutions at the same time. If you had a goal of working out more during the year, think of home projects you can complete that will also burn calories, such as yard work, painting, or general cleaning. If you want to spend more time with your family in 2020, make home maintenance chores a fun family affair. 

Jane Fischer & Associates wishes everyone in North Iowa a very happy and healthy 2020! For more helpful home owner tips to get your through the New Year, Visit Our Website and Follow Us On Facebook.

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