Tips For Successful Open House Hosting!

    Sell  your North Iowa home by being the ultimate Open House Host! Open houses are an important part of the selling process as they allow potential buyers to view the property in person and find out all the information they need to make a decision on whether or not they are interested in buying. As the seller, you play a key role in whether or not the open house will be a success. Sell your home for top dollar and quickly by following these tips for hosting an open house! 


    1. Be Welcoming! Make a great first impression by having a welcoming entrance. Add a nice doormat and beautiful potted plants to your entryway to showcase the love you have for your home and to make buyers eager to see what is in store for them inside the front door. 


    1. Declutter! Having clutter throughout the house can be distracting from the important features of your home. Be sure to remove clutter and clear off countertops to open up the space. 


    1. Depersonalize! Buyers need to be able to visualize themselves living in the home. This is very hard to do when you see someone else’s photos and personal items around the house. Put personal items away before the open house so that you are presenting a clean slate to potential buyers. 


    1. Set The Table! You want buyers to be able to envision the potential of the home. An easy way to do that is by setting the dining room table. This showcases how the home functions as a gathering place for family and friends.


    1. Make It Homey! Little touches can make all the difference during the open house. Allow the buyers to feel right at home with freshly cut flowers placed throughout the home and by offering light refreshments. 


    1. Don’t Hang Around! While we understand why you might think it is helpful for you to be present at the open house, you really should not be there while prospective buyers are walking through your home. The reason behind this is that many buyers feel uncomfortable asking the questions they want to ask when the home buyer is present. It is too important that the buyers can get all the information they need from the realtor to make a decision about buying the home.

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