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Top Reasons To Sell Your North Iowa Home During The Holidays!

With everything else on your plate right now, selling your North Iowa home during the holidays might seem like a crazy idea! But, it can actually make more sense to try to sell in December instead of putting it off until the new year. Don’t believe us? Check out these top reasons why to sell your North Iowa home during the holidays!


  1. There are less homes on the market!

Since most people don’t want to deal with the additional stress of listing their home during the holidays, there is less competition from other sellers. This means your home will be at the top of the search lists and will be more likely to be seen by prospective buyers. 


  1. Your home is exceptionally cozy!

You do not need to put any additional work into making your house feel extra homey for potential buyers. The staging has already been taken care of from the holidays! Your beautiful decor, the smell of treats baking, and a fireplace going to keep you warm will create the kind of ambiance you want to entice buyers. But, do be careful about going overboard. You still want your buyers to be able to envision themselves living within the home without too many distractions.


  1. Buyers are serious!

Buyers that are still in the market during the holiday season are there because they are looking to buy immediately. This is to your advantage as the seller as they will be highly motivated to find a home as soon as possible. 


  1. You will close quickly!

Lenders get swamped with work during other times of the year, such as the spring time. This results in longer waiting periods for loan approval. In December, the market is slower which allows the lending process to much along faster. This means quicker closing time for you! 


  1. You can make adjustments!

The slower time in the market allows you the opportunity to make adjustments to your selling strategy. This is particularly important if your home has been on the market for a while. Instead of taking it off the market until the spring, leave it up during the holidays and evaluate whether you need to change your asking price or make some repairs. 


Sell Your Home this holiday season by giving Jane Fischer & Associates a call today or visiting our website at!

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