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Use Your Green Thumb To Create A Beautiful Garden!

Now is the perfect time to utilize your green thumb and create a beautiful garden for your North Iowa home! You will have a stunning, peaceful outdoor oasis for you and your family to enjoy and will be adding to the curb appeal of your home. Follow these 6 steps to have flowers, plants, and produce growing healthy and strong!

1. Make A Plan! Before you get started outside, map out how you want to layout your garden. Know how the sunlight hits the space to help you determine the best places to plant. From there you can design the most attractive layout of the plants you are using.

2. Plant Indoors! Gardening success often begins by planting inside first. Find a warm, sunlit spot, fill pots with potting mix, dampen with water, and add your seedlings. You have more control over the care of your plants while they are indoors and can replant them outside once they have grown.

3. Prep The Soil! Get your soil in a healthy state for the plants. Use a soil kit to find out its type and pH levels. Once you know this, you can make the necessary modifications to ensure successful plant growth.

4. Start Now!  Although we are still in the earlier parts of Spring, you want to get the most out of your plants before the cold winter returns. Start planting now so your plants have plenty of time to take root throughout the year.

5. Prune Existing Plants! Pruning shrubs and trees is important for stimulating growth. Be careful to only prune plants that are blooming on new growth though so as not to cause damage to the plant.

6. Mulch! Gardening will be much easier for you now and into the future if you add mulch. Be sure to keep the mulch several inches away from the stems so they can grow. This important step will keep diseases at bay, reduce weeds, and moderate soil temperature to promote a healthy garden.

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