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What Your Front Door Color Says About You!

When choosing a paint color for the front door of your home, it’s not just about matching the trim or creating an aesthetically pleasing look, it is also a way to express who you are and what your home represents. Over in Europe you will find a plethora of boldly colored doors, but here in America it seems we overlook this opportunity to reflect our personal style. If you are ready to update your front door, consider these colors and what they represent:


Yellow: The color of happiness,
and optimism; of enlightenment and creativity;
sunshine and spring







Blue: The color Blue represents serenity, stability, inspiration, or wisdom.
Blue is calming and symbolizes reliability.







Red: A red door means WELCOME.
Bright red says you are exciting and vibrant, and darker red can mean you are warm and inviting.








Black: If you are looking to project a protective, solid energy paint your front door black.
Black color also brings sophistication and calmness, and it acts as a powerful shield.








These are what come to mind when you see the color orange!
To give your home a tropical, happy vibe, paint your front door orange.







Green: While the color green traditionally represents prosperity and wealth, it also gives off a natural appeal that brings thought of serenity and peace.

Your front door is a reflection of your personality, so be creative and choose a color that not only boosts your curb appeal, but also boldly shows who you are!

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