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Eastbrooke Mason City Iowa

Eastbrooke is one of the more unique subdivisions in Mason City. I’ve always said it is like its own little community. Eastbrooke was established in the early 70s. The entire Eastbrooke Village was originally designed to house 154 acres. I didn’t know until this year that the streets were named after the battles of the Revolutionary War with its theme tying into the nation’s 200th anniversary.

When entering Eastbrooke, you might be surprised to see the Colonial-style building that houses the Alpha Media Radio Station. This building was originally the Club House for the Eastbrooke subdivision. It is an exact replica of the Raleigh Tavern in Williamsburg, Virginia. It was owned by the Eastbrooke Home Owners Association for 3-4 years and then it was sold to a resident of Eastbrooke who then made it into what it is today.

When Eastbrooke was first being developed, it had plans for a small shopping center for the convenience of the families living there. The street names such as Yorktown, James town, Charlestown, Lexington, Concord, Williamsburg, Bunker Hill, and Brandywine to name a few, came from the 13 colonies that broke away from England.

Eastbrooke Homes for Sale Mason City Iowa

The amenities in Eastbrooke are what attract families to this area. They have the only swimming pool in a Mason City subdivision. Along with the pool, there is a playground, tennis courts, and a ball field.

There is a mix of condos and single-family homes. The townhouses and apartments that border the entrance are not a part of the Eastbrooke subdivision. There are also 2 streets – Saratoga and St Augustine that are on the north end of this subdivision that is also not a part of the subdivision. The people that are residents of Eastbrooke have rights to the common area, amenities and pay $400 yearly for the Homeowners Association. The covenants were from the early 70s and may or may not be currently enforceable. For example – fences were not allowed to keep the feeling of wide open (yards) spaces.

You will find ranches, splits, and 2 story home along with condos and townhomes. The condos and townhomes will range in price of $110,000 to just over $200,000. The homes will range from $160,000 to $300,000 depending on the age and amities.

Eastbrooke Homes for Sale Mason City Iowa

There is a walking path that starts just east of the Mason City High School parking lot and borders to the north and east of the subdivisions. It’s a gorgeous walk that is about 2 miles long, ending at 12th St NE. North Iowa Community College can be seen and overlooks Eastbrooke.

Eastbrooke is located a mile from the high school, Godfathers Pizza, Regency Medical Clinic, Athletico Physical Therapy, Kramer Hardware, 2 branch banks, and 2 gas stations.

This subdivision is popular with the young and old.

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