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North Iowa Realty

North Iowa Realty

Looking for a home in a small, yet culturally rich city? Enjoy having rural scenery and activities nearby?

Then look no further than Mason City and the surrounding cities located in North Iowa!

Purchasing real estate can be a challenging endeavor. Especially, for first-time homebuyers. From purchase agreements to inspections and repairs, the home buying process can get complicated.

Knowing more about the housing market and the area you’re purchasing a home in can help you to navigate the home buying process more successfully. The more aware you are of home values, the cost of living, and the real estate market, the smoother the home buying process will go.

So, if you’re hooked on North Iowa Homes for sale and the cities they reside in, then it’s time to learn more about the housing market specifics.

Read on to learn more about North Iowa and Mason City housing market!

North Iowa Realty
North Iowa Realty

North Iowa Homes For Sale

What You Need to Know Before Putting in an Offer

Before you put in an offer you’ll want to have a healthy down payment, a good credit score, and get pre-approved for a mortgage. You’ll also want to complete research about the home and the city you’ll live in. Explore the following facts about living in Mason City and North Iowa.

1. Affordability

The median home price in Mason City is $88,000. This puts Mason City way below the national average which is $220,000. Homes in surrounding areas are similar in price but slightly lower on average.

Keep in mind that these are just averages. So, if you’re looking for a nicer home in a nicer neighborhood in North Iowa, then expect to pay more. But, if your goal is to save even more money on a home purchase, then less expensive homes are available as well.

The key to buying a home is to make sure the home meets your top three needs such as space, bedroom count, and location.

2. Housing Market

The housing marketing in Mason City is steady. House prices generally change by only small amounts throughout the year. As a buyer, this means that you can most likely expect your North Iowa home to retain its value in the years to come.

The one downside to the Mason City housing market for sellers is the number of times homes sit on the market. But, this is good news for buyers since it gives them an advantage in the home buying process. Foreclosures also give buyers a chance to purchase a home at a lower value, if they’re willing to deal with a bank as a seller instead of a homeowner.

3. Amenities

Mason City has a rich music and architectural histories. It was home to Meredith Willson’s writer of the classic film, “The Music Man” and contains structures built by Frank Llyod Wright.

Mason City has a healthy amount of employment opportunities available from major industry leaders such as Kraft and Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa. Mason City also has an abundance of entertainment options, restaurants, and stores.

Mason City does have a public transit system, but most Mason City residents commute by car. If you don’t have a vehicle and want to live in Mason City then searching for homes near a bus route would be ideal.

If you intend on living in a surrounding city, then expect a slightly longer commute to work.

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Houses For Sale in North Iowa

Are You Ready to Purchase?

North Iowa homes for sale can provide your family with a place to call home. If you’re ready to purchase or sell your North Iowa home, then contact Jane Fischer and Associates at (641) 424-4663 – 641-424- HOME.

To learn more about the homes in Mason City or schedule a tour of this beautiful community call us today.

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