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North Iowa School Districts

North Iowa is home to some of the best school districts in the state. These school districts are recognized for their academic excellence and wide variety of extracurricular opportunities. Learn more about each of these fantastic school districts by clicking on the links below and find your dream home within one of these amazing districts!

Central Springs Community School District | 105 South East Street, Manly

The mission of Central Springs Community School District is “to cultivate a positive learning environment that engages and empowers all students”. This district has 2 campuses and serves students in Hanlontown, Manly, Nora Springs, Plymouth, and Rock Falls. Homes for Sale in Central Springs CSD.

Central Springs Elementary School | 105 South East Street, Manly | PreK-3

Central Springs Elementary School | 509 North Iowa Avenue, Nora Springs | PreK-3

Central Springs Intermediate School | 509 North Iowa Avenue, Nora Springs | 4-5

Central Springs Middle School | 509 North Iowa Avenue, Nora Springs | 6-8

Central Springs High School | 105 South East Street, Manly | 9-12


Clear Lake Community School District | 3rd Avenue North, Clear Lake

Clear Lake Community School District “provides engaging learning opportunities in an authentic, relevant, collaborative and safe environment to meet the varied educational needs of our students and prepare them for success”. The district operates 4 schools for students in Clear Lake. Homes for Sale in Clear Lake CSD.

Sunset View Elementary School | 408 Mars Hill Drive | PreK

Clear Creek Elementary School | 901 South 14th Street | K-5

Clear Lake Middle School | 1601 3rd Avenue North | 6-8

Clear Lake High School | 125 North 20th Street | 9-12

Garner-Hayfield-Ventura Community Schools | 605 West Lyons Street, Garner

The mission of GHV Community Schools is “to prepare students for a successful future in a kind, caring, and compassionate way”. It serves the students in Garner and Ventura  with 4 schools. Homes for Sale in Garner-Hayfield-Ventura CSD.

GHV Elementary School | 620 West 11th Street, Garner | PreK-4

GHV Intermediate School | 300 South Main Street, Ventura | 5-6

GHV Junior High School | 110 South Main Street, Ventura | 7-8

GHV High School | 605 West Lyons Street, Garner | 9-12


Mason City Community Schools | 1515 South Pennsylvania Avenue, Mason City

Mason City Community School District “provides responsive learning opportunities grounded in collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity for all students”. The district operates 7 standard schools and 2 schools for students with special needs in Mason City. Homes for Sale in Mason City CSD.

Harding Elementary | 1239 North Rhode Island Avenue | PreK-4

Hoover Elementary | 1123 8th Street Northwest | PreK-4

Jefferson Elementary | 1421 4th Street Southeast | PreK-4

Roosevelt Elementary | 313 15th Street Southeast | K-4

Lincoln Intermediate | 1625 South Pennsylvania Avenue | 5-6

John Adams Middle School | 29 South Illinois Avenue | 7-8

Pinecrest Center | 972 South Iowa Avenue | K-8

Mason City High School | 1700 4th Street Southeast | 9-12

Mason City Alternative High School | 19 North Illinois Avenue | 9-12


Newman Catholic School System | 2445 19th Street Southwest, Mason City

Newman Catholic School System is the largest private school district in the area. The district’s mission is “to educate individuals in the Catholic tradition by developing their spiritual, intellectual, and cultural lives”. It operates two schools within Mason City. Homes for Sale in Newman Catholic School System.

Newman Catholic Elementary School | 2000 South McKinley Avenue | K-8

Newman Catholic High School | 2445 19th Street Southwest | 9-12


Osage Community Schools | 820 Sawyer Drive, Osage

Osage Community Schools strives to “sustain & enhance a caring community to produce enthusiasm for lifelong learning”. It serves the students in Mitchell, Orchard, and Osage through 3 schools located in Osage. Homes for Sale in Osage CSD.

Lincoln Elementary | 515 Chase Street | PreK-4

Osage Middle School | 820 Sawyer Drive | 5-8

Osage High School | 820 Sawyer Drive | 9-12


Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock Community School District | 1460 210th Street, Rockford

The Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock CSD is “committed to providing an environment conducive to developing lifelong learners capable of being successful, responsible, contributing members of an ever-changing world”. There are 2 schools within Rockford that educate the students in Marble Rock, Rockford, and Rudd. Homes for Sale in Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock CSD.

Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock Elementary School | 1460 210th Street | PreK-6

Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock Secondary School | 1460 210th Street | 7-12


West Fork Community School District | 210 2nd Street South, Rockwell

The West Fork CSD is “dedicated to creating successful learners, citizens, and leaders”. This district serves students in Chapin, Dougherty, Meservey, Rockwell, Sheffield, Swaledale, and Thornton. It operates two campuses. Homes for Sale in West Fork CSD.

West Fork Elementary & Middle School | 210 2nd Street South, Rockwell | PreK-8

West Fork High School | 453 North 5th Street, Sheffield | 9-12